Bryley McKenzie and Be Be team

At the Beauty Sense Conference at the Hilton in Taupo, after the award ceremonies, we were lucky to be able to have a quick chat with Bryley McKenzie from beauty boutique. Bryley was there with her team, all the way from Whanganui! 

Congratulations on winning the ‘On Trend’ Award at the recent Youngblood Make up competitions, where did you get your inspiration for this look from?

Thank you! It was a real honour to win this award. I love faces, their shapes and angles. The beautiful model I used has such a beautifully angled face that contours perfectly. Her cheekbones had to be a feature as well as her big eyes. I found inspiration from recent trends – double cut crease but also from the model herself.

Where did you learn your makeup skills and how long have you been a makeup artist?

I have been a beauty therapist for 14 years, we were not taught a huge amount about make up when I trained but I have been fortunate enough to work with many different brands, all coming with their own training. Working all the skills I have learnt from each line until I have come up with various ways to do makeup myself. And I have to say the internet is an extremely handy tool!

Are there any special makeup tips that you can share with us?

Good foundation is a must. If you’re going to spend money on anything, make it your foundation. And the Colour Wheel is your friend, it has helped me out on many occasions picking eyeshadows, concealers and lipsticks for different eye colours and skin tones.

How did you come to open beauty boutique and how long has the salon been operating?

I had been working over in Sydney before opening back in my home town. The time just felt right to work for myself. I also had a lot of family and friend support and encouragement. Now we have been open for 6 years.

What other services does the salon offer to clients?

We offer a full range of beauty treatments, from tinting, lash extensions and waxing through to massage, dermal needling and facial treatments

What would you say is the key point of difference that brings to the local community?

We have an in depth knowledge of skin and take the time to really learn our clients and their needs. Customer service is paramount to us, as is training to give our clients the best service they can get.

 What would you say is your salon’s most popular treatment?

Skin peels and facial services. We are all mad about skin and helping to correct, repair and preserve it.

What has been the most important thing that you have learnt about the beauty business?

It is so important to advocate for women, we are really hard on ourselves. We lead very busy and stressful lives and often are the centre of our families, this can be very demanding. Beauty is not only having a service but it is also taking time out for you. By allowing our clients to talk about anything, or having total and complete silence is just as beneficial as the treatment itself. As beauty therapists we are all about building women up and helping regain their self confidence. 

I would imagine most your customers are female, but do you cater for men as well?

Yes, we also cater for men. Most of our treatments are suited to both women and men and we have a number of male clients.

In what direction do you feel the beauty industry is moving?

With social media blowing up the beauty industry I feel like clients are wanting more instant results. Cosmetic surgery is becoming way more common so I feel like we need to be there to support cosmetic enhancement procedures with our knowledge of skin. But also keeping up with latest safe procedures to keep our clients informed of all their options.