Cathy Davys Trainer of the Year Architectural Hair Education

Cathy Davys Industry Trainer Of The Year 2019:

Cathy Davys who was awarded Trainer Of The Year 2019 at the recent Industry Awards in Wellington, has been conducting training events at her Architectural Hair Education retreat.

Nestled in the foot hill of the Tararuas in the beautiful Wairarapa is 540 the Lodge.

It is holistic, peaceful and magical, perfect for opening and freeing the mind to new ideas.

“Architectural Hair Education was born out of my desire to give back to other hairdressers.

My belief that you must have a strong foundation as a starting point will never falter.

Hair Design is Architecture – if the foundation is not strong, the house falls over.” says Cathy.

According to Cathy, recently it has become apparent that younger stylists do not have a good grasp of basic technical skills to achieve the latest hair trends. Curl is back.

No Longer is it acceptable to limit one’s skills to a straightening iron alone.

There is a generation who have lost or never embraced hair skills; hence they are limited in their ability to achieve today’s looks.

“I endeavour to bring into my courses all the elements of classic skills to achieve the new looks of today.

At Architectural Hair Education we foster a very safe environment, there are no wrong questions, the environment is holistic and open.

Keeping my classes small enables learners who may be nervous or lack confidence to be watched over and guided in a positive way.”

“My programmes are designed to give HITO Apprentices and hairdressers the confidence to grow and be on the floor earlier, to ignite the passion again in those who may have taken a break from their journey, and to train future trainers to Mastery.” Says Cathy.

Architectural Hair Education is for lifelong learners, those who want to be best, to have longevity in the industry.

How to move forward in your career and life. Cathy’s training successes have come as a result of creating a unique environment and partnership for learning.

“In 2017/18 I travelled to the Hamptons, New York to work with Vivienne Mackinder, Artistic Director for Vidal Sassoon and Trevor Sorbie.

Vivienne has developed a training programme that is universal. It is the Designer Programme I have personalised to educate HITO Apprentices.”

“I also run a programme Train the Trainer: Our industry is in a flux, owner operators working harder and never having the time to train.

AHE provides salon owner with the skills their HITO Apprentices need to pass their units and become Masters.” Says Cathy Davys.

To give you an idea how a training session might evolve, here is a brief overview in Cathy’s own words:

Recently I was engaged by a very busy salon owner to help her give her two, year two apprentices more confidence, skills and pass their units.

This was held at 540 The Lodge over 5 days.

Architectural Hair Education: Sunday August 4 – 9am – 6pm Attendees Jordan and Larisa.

Agenda: Coffee, getting to know the girls, they were super excited and nervous.

  • Establishing their weak areas and their strong points.
  • Watched a 30-minute video on face shapes, you cannot design if you don’t know the framework.
  • We went through how to section and where to stand and how to use the mirror for balance and line.
  • First haircut was increase layer. They both did this very well and came in under the set time of 30 min.
  • Following the cut, we moved into directional blow waving. Younger stylists are blasting the hair and hot ironing it, no skill is shown in manipulating the hair.
  • This exercise was exciting for the girls, when I shared how a blow wave will last longer and you can charge more.
  • With the mannequin hair still long, we went into facial framing with the razor as an introduction.
  • Cut two was a graduated Bob, understanding angles where your standing.
  • Over the next four days I had the girls for a one on one for two days each.
  • We worked on a plan for tech days and timing plus model selection.
  • I engaged some friends to come for cuts as I wanted to see real time hairdressing.
  • We followed up with a complex hair up, French rolls, finger-waves, full razor cuts and graduation.

“I am also very aware of the stresses of outside influences that some learners experience. Often life skills are not taught, and these also need to be shared in a positive way.

Eating and exercising correctly as hairdressing is demanding. Society’s pressure on how we look.

My approach to these issues is to slow the pace down and have my ears and eyes on, each issue has a personality of its own.”

“My recent programme with the year two girls had one of them unsure if she wanted to continue hairdressing, her confidence was low, with support from her employer and family and no pressure, she decided yes, she did.

Having the privilege of this knowledge and one on one private training for two days was a luxury and the newfound confidence was very rewarding to see.”

“Running a salon can be challenging – I know. I had my own business for 32 years, from small beginnings with an apprentice and myself to a large team of 20 plus.

With 42 years in the industry I see a need to help salon owners and teams. As an owner you’re often on the floor – the biggest earner – so stepping off the salon floor to train can be scary.

This is where investing in your team will allow you to do what your best at.” Says Cathy Davys Industry Trainer Of The Year.