Classic Blue colour Pantone

Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year is Classic Blue:  Maybe it’s next new hair colour. A timeless and enduring blue hue, Classic Blue is elegant in its simplicity. What could be better than that in your hair? We sat down with Kate Reid, expert colourist and Design Director for Color.Me by Kevin Murphy, to get the scoop on all things Classic Blue. 

Kate Reid colourist Kevin Murphy

Kate Reid says “squid ink blue” has started to come through hair over the past few months, so it’s no surprise that we’ll see Pantone inspired Classic Blue colour take over. Reid’s work is all about innovation and bringing fashion to the hair, so we asked her a few questions you must know if you’re looking to take the plunge into Classic Blue.

Who wears Classic Blue best?

Classic Blue colour  is worn best on cooler skin tones with pink cheeks, whiter to blue skin under tones. If navy or classic blue is too dark think about trying frosted shades like ice blue or pearl instead as these tones also are huge for 2020 but on a much lighter depth.

Have we seen any celebs wear Classic Blue?

Classic blues are worn best like Billie Eilish, for that rock edge or that darker mysterious shades. These can be added over dark depths to add incredible shine or over pre lightened areas for a brighter pop.

Will your blue ever turn green?

When hair is lightened, it can expose unwanted warmth. This yellow that is exposed can be kept at bay by using products like BLONDE.ANGEL WASH and TREATMENT every time you wash your hair as this helps to keep the yellow eliminated, which is why it turns green over time.

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