Danny Pato D&M

In the never ending pursuit of luxury and pampering, we catch up with Danny Pato NZ Hairdresser of the year 4 years running and owner of one of Auckland’s top salons D&M Hair Design in Ponsonby. 

How would you best describe your typical D&M salon client? 

We’ve got a real variety of clients, from students, artists and musicians through to corporates, ad-creatives and housewives. 

What do you think it is about your salon that keeps clients coming back? 

I think we’re really consistent when it comes to the full service and brand experience. We put a lot of focus on technical training, but also on all of the in-salon touch points like the music, ambience, service timing and team culture, as well as what we do outside of the day-to-day like our charity work, industry shows, fashion collabs, competitions, media commentary and creative projects.

Are many of your customers interested in luxurious hair care products like Oribe? 

Most of our customers are open to investing in professional home care. Many of them are attracted to the sustainable, natural luxury of Davines, while others prefer the glam-luxe of Oribe.

What is it about the brand Oribe that attracts clients to it? 

Instant cosmetic results, the Versace-style packaging design and the fragrance. Also, some people simply enjoy treating themselves to something luxurious.

I would imagine that some of your customers would live in very high-end homes with expensive decors. Is having luxurious products in their bathrooms, a priority for them? 

There are absolutely people who buy products because they’ll look great in their bathroom! 

Out of all the Oribe products which one is your personal favourite? 

Oribe Dry Texturiser – and I’m not the only one, it’s their cult product.

How does your salon pamper clients, do you offer them any special luxury treatments? 

For pampering, we aim to make each client feel like the guest of honour at a fabulous dinner party from the moment they walk in the door. We do offer a range of treatments of course, including the Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque, but think that pampering is something we aim to do throughout the whole service.

How important is it for a Salon to be able to offer a luxurious high-end brand like Oribe to clients? 

It’s important for a salon to correctly position itself for the market it’s catering to. The brand or brands a salon stocks help to define what the salon is and what it stands for.