DCI Education Online Dario Cotroneo

Dario Cotroneo who founded DCI Education Online in 2007  is offering his online streaming library free of charge for the next 6 months!

DCI Education Online, is updated regularly with video content to assist and up skill hairdressers globally. The Online Library contains 103 videos for you to enjoy!

Programs Mentor & Elevate are the most recent videos so we recommend starting there and working back, as the library extends to videos going back 13 years.

Mentor Program Series is the last 4 years of the Mentor programs with approximately 41 videos. 

If you are qualified and looking for inspiration on how to cut hair in a new way, start by watching these. 

Elevate Program Series is the last 2 years of Elevate programs with approximately 20 videos. 

If you are looking for structure and more control in precision haircutting techniques then the Elevate could be for you.

  • Beginner Series contains 9 simplified haircutting and highlighting techniques going back 13 years.
  • Classic Series contains 7 more precision haircutting techniques going back 13 years.
  • Contemporary Series contains 12 modern haircutting & colour techniques going back 13 years.
  • Advanced Series contains 8 advanced haircutting & colour techniques going back 13 years.
  • Balayage Series contains 3 modern balayage techniques going back 3 years.
  • Hair Up Series contains 3 simplified hair up techniques going back 13 years.

To Subscribe & Log in is really simple: Go to  https://dcieducation.com/streaming-online-subscription/

Fill in all the relevant info. At the bottom you will see payment options as well as a COUPON box. 

Don’t worry about payment option, go straight to Coupon box and add : WithLoveDCI

Register – All done! – Confimation email will be sent to you.

Look in all inboxs for your registration email, with username and password. 

You are now able to login using your username and password at this link https://dcieducation.com/login/ 

which is on our website under Online Learning Tab.

To stay connected follow DCI Education Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dci_education/ 

DCI Education would love to hear your community’s stories on social so much sure you tag them or send a private video message. 

*Voucher expires on 1st July 2020. Your Free Streaming Library subscription will expire October 3rd.

“We truly hope hairdressers are inspired to be better after watching our online library during these uncertain and unprecedented times, so we would like offer your hair community our expression of gratitude and kindness during these times of isolation.  We feel very grateful to be of assistance to our amazing hairdressing community.”    Dario Cotroneo

We are all better together…Big love from the team @ DCI Education️

  • 2019 AHFA Winner – Excellence In Education 
  • 2017 AHFA Winner – Excellence In Education 
  • 2016 Hair Expo Winner – Education Business  

2020 DCI Education Streaming Library Dario Cotroneo

As a salon owner and master stylist at Retreat Hair Melbourne, I have to say that being a student at DCI EDUCATION has been extremely fulfilling. Not only are my cutting skills challenged and expectations held high but the honest and sincere mentoring that is offered within the class gives me a genuine feeling of support and a deeper understanding around How, What and Why we do and think the way we do when it comes to understanding our guests and each other as hairdressers and leaders within our salons. Absolutely 5 Stars from me. – Natalie V