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Malcolm Gibbons: Does the end of the day come quickly and you finally get home and say Wow, that was a chaotic salon business day… And I’m not even sure I got much done… Do you sometimes (or always) feel that you are playing catch up?

Most salon owners I talk to are starting their day in what I call survival mode… That is they get up, and react to everything going on around them without so much as a plan or a list of things to do, no system to guide them along the way.

So at the end of the day they’re always left tired, worn out with a long list of things to do tomorrow.

I get it, waking up in the morning with no real plan therefore letting the day dictate to you – not really knowing where you’re going or what result you’re aiming for – survival being the key!

As a salon business owner you may often ask yourself, would I be better off working for someone else? You may question your ability to be an effective business/salon owner, am I cut out to do this? 

You could feel somewhat inadequate because you know you need to do something different , but don’t really know where to start… Or you feel you’re doing the best you can with what you know…. You experience that wee panic attack feeling often, because you know you should be using your time better and doing… Stuff… Or say to anyone who cares to listen it would be much easier to get someone else to do it – if only you knew what ‘IT’ was!

The problem is not that you’re not motivated, I mean you’re the first one to arrive at work – the last one to leave… And the busiest in the between times… It’s just that you would do it differently, if you knew what that differently looked like and how it would work for you… If you just had a plan, a map to follow to take you to where you know your salon could be, life would be so much easier!

So what’s the solution? Well, you need to figure out where you are right now, I don’t mean looking in the mirror and saying tired, frustrated or desperate… What I mean is, where is your business right now? How healthy/unhealthy is it? 

Understanding where the hurt is, where it could be better… Many salon owners live in a fog of misunderstanding of just where they are in comparison to where they want to be… You need to take some time, sit down and really understand your current business position as far as it’s health goes, once you’ve done that, the next step is to be very clear on where you want it to be… What does a successful business in your ownership look like in the future?

Does it bring you the lifestyle you dreamed of? Does it bring you the joy? Are you achieving the things you want to achieve consistently? And what does that look like to you?

Once you have figured out just where you are now and where you want to be in the future… You just need to establish a plan to bridge that gap… Just like my client Kylie, who went from being unsure and insecure, feeling lost and alone in business to a confident leader who learnt to understand the business better and begin attracting quality clients and team members and having a salon that served her needs as opposed to the other way around, not to mention the just over 50% increase in weekly revenue!

As I’ve said, the key really is to know where you are now, know where you want to be in the future and to actually create a plan for how you want to get there.

If you struggle to make the time to figure these things out, and need to be held accountable to get things done, perhaps you should take a day out of the salon at PowerUP to spend among other motivated, inspired salon owners working on establishing your salon success plan for next year.

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With over 30 years of industry experience Malcolm Gibbons, Salon Business Coach, specialises in helping Hair Salons, Beauty Clinics and Spa owners refocus their business goals and unleash their true potential.