Eliza Andrews Makeup Hair Stylist Royals Hair

Eliza Andrews from Makeup Artist to Hair Stylist in her own words:

“In 2015 I started studying to be a makeup and special effects artist – a dream I had been clinging to for many years.

I went into makeup for 2 main reasons; I wanted to help people feel beautiful, and I wanted a creative outlet to be able to bring to life all the ridiculous ideas I had in my head”.

“After some encouragement from my tutors, I decided to broaden my horizons by going into doing hair as well. At 19, I picked up a job as a salon assistant, working part time while I finished off my Diploma.

I changed salons a few times during the course of this, and found myself in a small salon when I started working full time. I liked doing hair, but found that I wasn’t enjoying my job as much as I thought.”

“I started working at Royals at the end of March in 2017.

In my previous jobs I felt like going to the salon was an impersonal chore, and was just something that needed to be done to get it over with.

I decided that even though I was a first year, I wanted to make the salon experience as personal as I could.

These days, one of my favourite things about my job is the genuine human connection I make with all of my wonderful clients”.

“Not only that, I have a job where I am able to make people feel beautiful, which was my original goal all along.

I also have a job that acts as a creative outlet, and has provided me with so many incredible opportunities to advance myself professionally, as well as personally and creatively.”

Eliza Andrews Career + Creative Achievements to date:

2019 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with ghd and Richard Kavanagh
2019 Hair Expo 2019 with O&M on Main Stage
2019 Royals X O&M GenNext show – Key Artist
Key Stylist – P.E Nation photo shoots & global Baseline campaign.
Key Stylist with O&M for By.Johnny fashion campaigns
Kerastase Masters Ambassador program
Graduated TAFE Certificate of Excellence -Cert. III

Eliza Andrews: Pressure collection explores the beautiful and jarring aspects of storms.

Pressure was inspired by the shapes, movement and textures created by wind and weather.

‘The hair and styling reflects these tumultuous, natural wonders, using texture, movement and a darker ambience to enhance each image.

Harsh angles paired with soft movement draw from the natural juxtaposition of these events.

PRESSURE was inspired by the moodiness of rainclouds, the aggression of lightning strikes, and the softness of rain.

This collection celebrates the beauty and intrigue of storms, the final display of something that has been building and brewing for a long time, under just the right amount of pressure.

Hair: Eliza Andrews
Styling: Cheryl Tan
Makeup: Chereine Waddell
Photography: Daniel Knott