Everyguy Haircuts for Men Emma Lodge Albany

Everyguy Haircuts for Men Albany. Nestled away behind the Caltex station in Mercari Way your’ll find one of Albany’s best kept secrets; Everyguy Haircuts for Men run by men’s hairdresser and barbers, the effervescent Emma Lodge! 

Emma  has built up an enviable reputation for quality men’s grooming with a smile!

We chat to Emma Lodge to find out how her salon has achieved such a great following:

What sets Everyguy Men’s Grooming apart from standard Barbers?

We are more like a men’s hairdresser and barbers, helping guys achieve great beards, natural colour blends for grey hair and a chilled out relaxed atmosphere for the everyday guy!

Does the salon attract any particular type of male client and why?

Everyguy attracts the professional man to the everyday tradie, we offer all types off haircuts from long to short styles, with my background of 16 years of experience I make my haircuts work for the everyday guy. I like it when a client shows me a photo or picture or asks me what I think would look good, I show them how to style their hair with a product I recommend.

One trick I have learn’t is to rinse the hair out after the cut, for me that is important because the client will always go home and wash it, it’s also a way off encouraging clients to come for a cut during the day, another trick is to use water to show them how it will look as a cut always looks different with product in it. When it comes to clipper lengths, always start longer because you can always take more length off, if needed. 

I always show them the back of their haircut even if they don’t want to see it, I like to pay attention to hairlines and details men like a nice clean neckline also de hair the ears and trim the eyebrows.

Are men requesting colour services and what does Everyguy haircuts for men offer?

We offer grey blends and prefer to stick to more natural colouring, but I do offer the odd highlight to some of my regular clients for a natural blonde look.

A lot of guys won’t request it, But I offer or suggest it to them I call it a camo and cut service consisting of natural blends using American crew Precision Blend. I do have some clients that like a more stronger coverage but varies from client to client, it’s important to cater for the everyday guy not just for what is in fashion right now.

How important is aftercare and what advice do you offer clients on this?

At home advice is sooooo important it’s like a veggie garden you need to care and maintain it. I think all men should have at least (3 products) 

  1. A good shampoo (and Conditioner). 
  2. A styling product. 
  3. A good moisturizer for the face and neck with sunscreen.

What men’s barbers product brands do you recommend? 

I’ve worked with many types of products over the years but choose American Crew, Triumph & Disaster and Fudge, that’s what I stock currently and recommend to my clients, All of my clients use my brands of barbers products.

Describe the most popular look being requested by men at the moment?

This varies from day to day but mainly short to medium length looks.

What does Everyguy offer clients in the way of refreshments and entertainment? 

I have a few things available, including great coffee from Coffee Trendz, but about two years ago when I decided to take a lot off sugar out of my own diet, I was offering coke which is very high in sugar as you know, and so replaced it with Berocca instead. I have cool water available and just drop a Berocca tablet into it, clients love it and adds a bit of a healthier option, great for clients with hangovers too or if you just need a boost to get you through the day! 

We always have Duke TV on, that offers trivia questions in the morning and other pro-grammes like top gear! and of course there’s me… Emma Lodge!

On the first appointment what are the key important things you need to find out from the client?

To help you give them the right haircut you need to be able to match their job or lifestyle. For example; if they are a business guy I like to give them something smart but something they can mess up and have a bit more casual on the weekend.

Do they use product? If yes that’s great if not, then recommend something natural like a paste, most of the time they just don’t know how to use it properly and that’s why they don’t use it… So show them!

Do they wash their hair every day? I mean with shampoo most guys just wet it down you can tell when they don’t, most guys it varies depends on their lifestyles.

Chatting to your client is helpful, find out their hobbies, what they don’t like has always been one I often use so you can find out what they want and need, keep to simple questions.

Do you rebook the client while they are there, and what booking system do you use?

We rebook every client before they walk out and my rebooking rate is 100%. By the third visit you have a regular client, but make sure you keep making them feel like a new client every time. For example: I have clients who don’t normally have a drink or product and I know they will say no but I always ask. 

Something I’ve learn’t is never expect your regulars to be regular. I use Hairware/Beautyware for my booking system it sends out a text reminder the day before their appointment sometimes I have to send another text to remind them if they don’t confirm which can be a little bit more work, But it really keeps your salon busy and clients coming back.

Any famous clients that we need to know about? 

Emma Lodge: We do, but I can’t tell you. We have customer confidentiality policies in place, but between you and me mainly kiwi sports stars!

Tell us about any exciting future for Everyguy Haircuts for Men?

We are still going strong after 10 years but would like to build a strong team to join me in the success of Everyguy there are still a few services I would like to add. There is a strong market for men’s barbers and currently we are the only men’s salon in Albany – Emma Lodge