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Evy Professional presents: She’s stylish. She’s sleek. She’s a fashion innovator and instigator. She’s luxe and glamorous, classic and classy – the woman you want to be or be with. For the woman who only deserves the best, Always Evy.

Whether your style is high-end and haute couture, or you’re taking your look from work or casual chic to after 6, Evy Professional always has you covered.

Australia’s smoothing experts, Evy Professional presents their 2020 brand campaign ‘Always Evy’ a collection of six empowering, high-end images showcasing styling versatility and a definitive luxe edge.

“Our aim with Always Evy is to capture every woman’s strength and to highlight their femininity and sartorial chic, through the mediums of hair and styling. Priding ourselves on being an aspirational brand, Evy Professional always seeks out the beauty in every woman; we believe that beauty shines through with beautifully styled, smooth and healthy hair,” says EVY Creator & CEO, Tracey Bazzano Lauretta.

The campaign shoot once again brought together the creative talents of Evy Professional PRO Star Ambassador, Sam James, and globally renowned photographer David Mannah to capture the different EVY looks.

Says Campaign Hair Director, Sam James, “As always, the shine that comes through every look is all thanks to the incredible Evy Professional technology, and the major thing for me to consider when working with such a high-end brief. Shine screams healthy hair, and this is key for the brand and myself.”

“Evy Professional is always about creating diversity and this collection is no different. There are so many ways to create movement and style within the EVY tool range, it was exciting to be a part of another collaboration!”

Whatever your styling needs – high shine, smoothness, structured waves, poker straight tresses, or simply glamour, to create each individual desired look, it’s Always Evy.

Chanel Chic:

1.  Using Ethe Infusalite Hairdryer and a Heat Protector, blast dry hair to 60% dry.

2.  In large sections, using the Crystal Shine Paddle Brush with hairdryer closely behind, blow-dry smooth.

3.  With thicker textured hair, (like our brunette) use the Quadtec Large Round Brush with sections the same size as the brush, to stretch the hair smooth and as straight as possible.

4.  Taking 1 inch sections, starting an inch from the roots, use the Iq-Oneglide to smooth and close every cuticle, guaranteeing a smooth, straight, shiny finish.

Versace Volume:

1.  Using the BOSS Hairdryer, start with a bouncy blow-dry and create smooth not straight ends.

2.  Add in a deep side part.

3.  Working in one direction round the head, take 1” sections and using the iQ-ONEGLIDE twist full 360 degrees and slide to the ends of the hair.

4.  Once cooled, using a brushing out brush work around the head, brushing out firmly.

5.  Using your hands whilst brushing, start to mould the hair and bring together to create the shape on the body.

HOT TIP – use a spritz of water if there are little fluffies and fly aways, to rehydrate the hair and continue brushing that in.

Gucci Glam:

1.  Start with a smooth blow-dry enhancing volume through the top horseshoe section.

2.  Using a half cm vertical section behind the ear tightly braid to the head and secure.

3.  We worked up the head in horizontal sections using the Evy professional Oneglide 1.0

4.  Using 1” square sections turn the styler 360 degrees and pull slowly through to the ends.

5.  Once you reach above the crown and crest of the head, only tong midlengths and ends.

6.  Brush all hair back with Evy’s Vegan-Friendly cushion brush. Then rub the hairline to loosen any fine hairline you want left out.

7.  Using the elastic on hooks, secure to the braids either side of the head. Accessorise with the KELA Charms.

8.  Use U-pins to secure in place and little hairspray to keep a soft natural finish.

Louis Luxe:

1.  Begin with dry hair, and using a light volumizer, theBOSS Hairdryer and Quadtec Medium Brush, revitalise hair.

2.  Put in a middle part and separate the sides and back into top and bottom sections.

3.  On the bottom half of the head, take vertical sections using the Evy Professional E-Curl and using an away from the face direction, wrap the middle third of the hair around the tong one and a half times until it’s heated thoroughly.

4.  Repeat on the top sections but on the very front section start slightly higher.

5.  Once cooled, brush through with a wide tooth comb and mould into place or leave loose.


1. Starting from loose ‘EVY waves’ old or fresh, put in a deep, side part.

2.  Put the front height in now using a tail comb and add extra shape with the Evy Professional E-Curl, if needed.

3.  Pulling the length back into a low ponytail, secure with an elastic at the ends of the hair with only 2 inches of hair after the elastic.

4.  Holding the elastic, twist the length 360 degrees then tuck under and bring up towards the head.

5.  Use your fingers to pull the hair around to create a bob length and shape you’re happy with, including the front if you want to leave some hair out.

6.  Attach a bobby pin to the elastic tie and secure the ends at the head, hidden within the bob shape.

7.  Any extra length fallen out, pin away or tuck into the style. Secure with a flexible hold hairspray.

evy professional always women products

Prada Perfect:

1.  Using theBOSS hairdryer, and a heat protector, dry hair to 60% dry with an Quad Tec Paddle brush, wrap drying around the head.

2.  In large sections, blowdry smooth with volume at the roots, all back away from the face, using a Large Quad Tec brush.

3.  With finer hair (like our Blonde), take horizontal sections up the head, and use the 1” Iq-Oneglide straightener from half way down the length, gliding through to the ends whilst keeping straight out from the head. This will maintain root volume and seal the ends with ultimate shine.

4.  Finish with a strong middle part and a light finishing spray.

Tracey Bazzano-Lauretta

CEO & Founder: Tracey Bazzano Lauretta

“I’ve been involved in the hairdressing industry for over 25 years developing a passion for the industry and education. A salon owner for 20 years, I developed expertise as a Technical Educator in colour and re-bonding. I’m now a distributor dedicated to hair health and hydration.

In 2010 I stepped away from behind the chair and the salon and moved into distribution, initially distributing the Bio Ionic range and becoming the #1 global distributor for the last 5 years. Now with AquaBaci and our commitment to delivering the very best premium products and tools to ensure the ultimate hair health, we are taking technology and delivering pure inner hair hydration.

I hope you love our EVY products as much as I have loved creating them”.

www.evyprofessional.com @evyprofessional


Hair Director: Sam James
Hair Assistant: Marie Nahas
Photography: David Mannah
Art Direction: Lauren King
Styling: Josie McManus
Makeup: Mikele Simone
Creative Consultants: Tracey Bazzano-Lauretta + Lauren King