The ghd oracle creates endless curls in one simple stroke! Cool air enters via the grille on the lower arm and is circulated around the curl zones by a high power fan located in the handle.

Hair enters the barrel and is heated to the optimum styling temperature of 1850C by 4 ceramic plates. This ideal temperature is also known as the ‘glass transition’ phase, where the hair bonds because flexible and malleable for shaping into style. It also smoothens the surface of the hair and eliminates frizz. 

As the hair passes through the uniquely shaped barrel the curl is formed. Changing the way the hair runs through the U-shape (by changing the section size, angle & direction of travel, or speed) can dramatically alter the curl or wave that is formed, making oracle unique in the market for its versatility.

ghd oracle tech

Hair exits the plates over the curl-zone which are actively cooled to quickly remove heat from the hair, setting the curl shape in place. The curl zone maintains a lower temperature of 65C to flash-cool hair. This also means curls are cooler to touch than when curled with traditional curling tools. 

The product casing is also cool to touch, meaning it won’t burn your clients/the end consumer if it touches their scalp/ears/neck – empowering stylists and their customers to have a fearless curling experience.

The heat removed from the hair is transferred from the curl-zone to the end of the product via miniature heat-pipes. 

Warm air is pushed out of the rear of the unit and more cool air is drawn in.

Nadine Johns-Alcock

“The ghd oracle is a revolution in curling and a true breakthrough in styling technology giving stylists and consumers a new curling experience in salon,”

“oracle opens up endless curling possibilities and allows you to create an infinite array of looks with just the tilt of the hand. Professional stylists are a trusted source of creativity and advice, so by delivering oracle directly into their hands we empower them to be the true ‘oracle’ for their clients as well as support and fosters old and new clientele for the salon.”

“Our salon partners are required and committed to taking part in a series of education with ghd, allowing us to help them have the skills and knowledge to conduct complimentary tutorials for consumers to learn how to use oracle before purchase.”

“These sessions include a breakdown of the tool’s curl-zone technology, how the tool works and a series of looks stylists can re-create for their clients.”

“Education is a massive part of the oracle launch strategy and bolsters the ultimate 1:1 experience between ghd, stylists and consumers to explain something completely new and revolutionary to the industry. We’re excited to welcome more salon partners to be part of ghd oracle journey as we continue to roll out across the country.”

Nadine Johns-Alcock, National Education Manager, ghd ANZ