How to achieve the best waxing results

Creams, razors, electric shavers, laser, wax… There are various hair removal methods that have evolved throughout history. Some offer instant access, others longer-lasting results, but one of the most important benefits that an epilation method should give us is without a doubt, skin care. Here’s where Depilève waxes really deliver! 

Depilève waxes in order to get the best results, consider the type and condition of the skin, the type of hair, the area to treat, the susceptibility to ingrown hairs, hygiene requirements, and the moisture levels and elasticity of the skin. 

A professional waxing system like Depilève waxes offers top class cosmetic products as well as the most comprehensive choice of quality waxes to provide the best possible hair removal treatment for clients.  

To maximize the client’s comfort and effectiveness during every treatment it’s important to approach waxing from all possible angles of skin care: 

• Pre-waxing products that condition the skin and prime it for the process 

• The best waxes formulated for different types of skin and hair, for each of the areas to wax 

• The latest technology that adheres to the hair and not the skin 

• With different melting points to maintain blood flow 

• The most advanced post-waxing products to allow us to continue pampering the skin, after and in between waxing treatments

Prevent ingrown hairs or slow down hair growth and keep thickness to a minimum 

    Accessories that ensure hygiene and prevent infection in waxing treatments 

Beauticians need to be trained in the best techniques to make the process as quick, pain-free and safe as possible for the skin. On top of this, be able to offer advice on the most suitable wax for different skin types and the areas to be waxed. 

As we enter the warmer months, using waxes with a lower melting point and average drying time, such as Traditional Chlorophyll or Azulene waxes or the roll-on format is recommended. 

The benefits of using these types of waxes is that you don’t have to let the hair grow like with other hot waxes, they are more refreshing and don’t open pores so wide, meaning skin recovers faster after removal.


If you have tried other waxes or waxing methods but have yet to try Depilève waxes, Contact Celtine Beauty to get your free Depilève sample, phone 0800 88 34 34 and quote ‘IMAGES’