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Images Day Spa Morrinsville: It’s hard to believe that Images Day Spa in Morrinsville, one of the most popular beauty Spas in central Waikato has been around for close to 36 years and started out as a room in the home of Sandi McCarthy. Sandi moved to Morrinsville, New Zealand from Wales to be with her Veterinary husband, whom she meet while he was travelling the UK.

Sandi McCathy Images Day Spa
Sandi McCarthy

Sandi McCarthy started out doing waxing and facials from home and found it was a great way meet and connect with the local women in town, all those years ago. Today Images Day Spa is centrally located in Thames Street and attracts regular clientele from all over the region, including Te Aroha, Paeroa, Matamata, Cambridge, Putururu, Hamilton and as far as Pukekohe.

Images Day Spa offers a variety of general beauty treatment, spa packages, massages and also appearance medicine. The team consist of 7 qualified staff members, plus a doctor and visiting micropigmentation specialist.

Waxing and hair removal remains a staple of the Spa’s day to day business. We caught up with salon manager Karen Bracey to find out why Images Day Spa is experiencing so much success with their waxing!

Wow, you guys have been doing this for so long you must really know what you doing, what type of waxing services do you offer clients?

We have a standard menu that covers all types of hair removal for clients.

What brand of wax do you use and why?

Depilève from Spain is our go-to brand, we have used this wax for over 20 years and we have found that it offers consistency of quality, clients love it and results are outstanding!

How easy is Depilève wax to apply?

Very easy to apply, absolutely no problems with the skin. In fact it is very rare to experience any unexpected responses! We have also found the back up service from our suppliers

Celtine Beauty to be excellent!

Does Depilève wax leave any odour?

Very very little, clients aren’t keen on having their favourite perfume overshadowed.

How long does each hair removal process last and how long before clients return for a followup?

For our regular customers its usually between 4 and 6 weeks depending on personal hair growth.

Do you undertake any client consultation before the waxing?

Yes, for new customers we first take them through the overall process and ask them about any medication they might be on that could effect their skin.

Are clients offered aftercare advice and homecare products?

We have a full range of hair inhibitor products and aftercare products which we encourage clients to use at their leisure at home.

 Depilève wax

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