Jamie Barakat KTIZO

We caught up with Jamie Barakat from KTIZO NZ, Winner Silver 2017 Color Vision Wella TrendVision Awards,  and asked him what he thought of the very latest additions to Wella’s EIMI styling range.

 Wella have introduced 3 amazing new products to their superb EIMI styling range: Shape Me, Glam Mist and Body Crafter. How excited are you about these new innovations?

Jamie Barakat: I cannot wait for these three new beautiful EIMI products to hit the shelves in our salon any day now! I have been singing their praises since I had a chance to try and play with them in February at NYFW. My clients are also very excited and in suspense to try them out for themselves. The products are fool-proof, which makes them so simple to use for not only the stylist, but also the consumer to achieve the desired look at home. 

 Where do you see them fitting in with current hair looks and trends?

 2017 has shown us a lot of “lived in hair”. Women are going from poker straight, or perfectly curled, to soft beach waves and shaggy lobs. The three new products complement these trends better than any other.

Shape Me is a heat-activated gel lotion with memorizing polymers which help to shape or blow dry hair the way you want it and keep the style for up to 48hours. 

It is also beautiful to use on towel dried curly/wavy hair and left to dry naturally without feeling dry or crunchy which is perfect for the Shaggy Lob.

Body Crafter has a hold factor of 2 which makes it a very workable volumising spray, it’s great to use on damp hair then dry in with a round brush for a full blow-waved look, or just work it with your fingers leaving the hair natural, volumised and flexible. 

I also love using Body Crafter on dry hair to achieve that sexy undone tousled look and add extra texture.

Glam Mist is a super light-weight spray which has been developed to finish any style with a dazzling shine. Not only does it transform any type of hair into luxurious healthy looking tresses, but It also helps protect hair from the effects of humidity and UV. 

Glam Mist is the perfect product for creating the ever so popular “wet look” which we have seen a lot of on the runways this year, which is easily achieved by using a very generous amount throughout the hair focusing heavily on the root area.

The best part about these products is that you can layer them all to create your own individual style, the opportunities are endless. Jamie Barakat

 In your opinion, how do these new EIMI additions perform, do they deliver on their promise?

 The EIMI range now has 25 amazing styling products and we, as stylists, always make whatever products we have at our finger tips work for us, but these 3 latest EIMI products have made styling an absolute breeze for ourselves and the clients. 

What I love the most about the range is that the names are very descriptive, so what is written on the bottle is what you will get when creating your style. They definitely achieve what they set out to do.

 Which one is your favourite – Shape Me, Glam Mist or Body Crafter and why?

 If I had to choose a favourite out of the three I would say Shape Me, I love how versatile it is. I can create the most beautiful complex blow-wave, adding serious volume that will withstand the wind and humidity up to 48 hours, or I can do very minimal and just add it into damp hair to achieve a soft natural curl, eliminating any frizz along the way. 

What makes Shape Me different to other blow-wave or volume products is that it is very mouldable and doesn’t dry out or tug when working with a round brush. 

 Any tips on how stylists can best achieve fantastic results using these products?

My biggest tip would be “don’t be afraid” to use the EIMI range. All products are intermixable and very forgiving if you’re heavy handed. 

EIMI is designed to be layered in the hair just like laying down the foundations of a house: put the prep work in and the style will last for days. Get creative with them all and you will find out what works for each hair type. 

 Why should EIMI styling products be part of every hairdressers kit bag?

 EIMI is taking the hairdressing world by storm, it is the leading styling brand supporting Fashion Week globally for Wella Professionals, and has been tried and tested by our industry greats with glowing reviews. 

EIMI styling was designed to help people express their individuality through their hair style. I feel that besides the reputation that EIMI already holds it belongs in every stylist’s kit, as EIMI products have taken all the guess work out of styling. 

They are all colour coded, display a hold factor and are clearly labelled with descriptive words of what they are there to achieve, making it very attractive to the consumer also.

 Tell us about what’s coming up for Jamie Barakat in the future?

 The tail end of this year consists of editorial shoots, competition work and getting through the Christmas rush alive! 

2017 has already been a dream year for me, working at NYFW, competing live in Wella TrendVision and presenting at the Wella Remix seminar. 

In amongst managing and building our team of emerging stylists at Ktizo, I will be continuing to educate myself and others with ongoing training and hosting seminars with the Wella Professionals Creative Team. 

I am excited to see what 2018 brings with more hard work and determination.