Laura Williams

We catch up with Laura Williams from Ktizo in Hamilton, just come back from New York having been part of the ANZ EIMI Artistic team at NYFW where she worked with Renya Xydis on the Zimmermann summer 19 show.

Wow, that must have been a fantastic experience! What was it like working alongside the very talented Renya Xydis, Creative Director for   Wella Professionals ANZ,  and the  EIMI  Artistic Team? 

It’s always great assisting Renya, as she is always so passionate about the work she does. She brings an amazing energy and knowledge to support the salon teams who attend the shows. I’ve done multiple Fashion Weeks, travelling around the globe with the team, so the Wella Creative Artistic team really does feel like a family now. We all share a passion for creating amazing looks with hair.  

What was the atmosphere like backstage, and how many people were involved?

The atmosphere backstage always starts off calm and collected. Then, after the first hour of prep and trying to get models into hair, it can be a bit more energetic! We get a break when the models do a run through, though. This year’s team was slightly smaller, too – which kept us busy! 

Describe the various hair looks that you were asked to achieve?

We created a loose tonged look, with slight back combing for a sexy, tousled aesthetic. We wanted to ensure that every model evoked this same look on the catwalk, so needed to adapt to each models hair type. For those with very short hair, we used EIMI Glam Mist, then smoothened the hair out with a soft brush. For others we added hairpieces to finish the look.   

How many models were on the show and how many did you have to do?

This year we had 33 models and it was a total team effort to create the looks. You can be bouncing between a few models at any one time, depending on hair type and specific needs and to ensure we were sticking to timings. Renya completed all looks, adding hand-made clips and giving the final touches to ensure each model was perfect before walking the catwalk. 

How did the EIMI styling range performed backstage, do you have any hero products?

EIMI products are great for layering to get the right texture for the look. This year we used EIMI Perfect Setting and EIMI Ocean Spritz on dry hair to create a built up grit-like texture to work on top of. EIMI Perfect Setting was my hero product as it is the perfect product to give texture to fine, soft hair without tugging or saturating the hair whilst creating the look. In salon though, my hero product is definitely EIMI Perfect Me, it preps, finishes and de-frizz’s! I can’t get enough of it. 

You also had the amazing opportunity to try out the new EIMI Mistify Me hairspray, how was it?

It’s great! The Mistify Me Light spray gives a flexible finish, yet still lets the hair move, so great for a show like this where the styling was intended to be relaxed and ‘tousled’. 

So what did you think of the new Micromist™ technology that EIMI has come up with, did you notice a difference?

Certainly, it’s light but not sticky and the super fine mist allowed me to layer and layer, yet still achieve the movement that was essential for the look.

How about the rest of the team, were they excited to be backstage and what is the dynamic like working overseas? 

It’s a great vibe, everyone is so excited! It is so good to be able to have the opportunity to return to Fashion Week and work on the shows, especially with the same EIMI team. You learn constantly, and really do become a family unit – we all laugh that so much our stomachs hurt! 

Outside of the shows and prep days, did you get a chance to see a little of New York?

Yes, we managed to get a day either side of flying. Last time we were in New York it was snowing, so we were unable to do much. This time I really wanted to go back to Central Park and see the sights. We all managed to see a little of New York City, visited The Met to see the Heavenly Bodies exhibition – which was a great experience – and of course team dinners and drinks with the Wella Family. 

Will we be seeing you work your Wella magic again soon? What is in the pipeline for Laura and Ktizo? 

Well… before you know it, February will be here and I plan to be back in NYC with the Wella family, doing another exciting show at Fashion Week! Fingers crossed, no snow! We also have some exciting projects for Ktizo, including a new salon in Cambridge. Watch this space…!