Josie Wignall

We talk to Josie Wignall, Makeup Artist on the Toni&Guy Photoshoot to glean some of her secret makeup tricks…

What was your brief for the photoshoot?

Dewy glowy skin with subtle pops of colour.

Describe the looks that you were charged with creating?

I had 6 models each with a different hair colour and cut, so it was up to me to create the briefed makeup look with a subtle difference on each one.

Can you briefly walk us through the process step by step?

To achieve the this look I do a lot of hydrating while prepping the model’s skin. I start by drenching the skin in MAC fix plus spray. Then I mix a face oil with moisturizer and I give the model a 2-minute face massage. (This gets the blood flowing and helps create that healthy glow naturally). I’ve used MAC Hyper Real liquid in gold with foundation, this combo has light reflecting pigments to give a luminous finish. I’m a big fan of sculpting creams and cream blushers, today I used a rose tint by Benefit and Glossier cheek cloud paints. Next, I buffed warm eyeshadow tones around the eyes and finished off the lips with a lip pencil base and glossy lip conditioner applied generously on top.

What kind of makeup do you prefer and why?

It changes all the time! At moment it’s the middle of summer and I’m into bronzed skin and creamy highlights.

What were the challenges that you had to overcome?

On a shoot like Toni&Guy with 6 models, time management is very important!

What is the best piece of (photoshoot) advice that you can pass on to other makeup artists?

When trying to achieve these looks powder can be your biggest enemy so make sure you use small brushes and just powder around hot spots not the entire face.

So what were your impressions of the final results?

High-five’s to the whole team!