We spent time with Mana Dave and the Redken Style Team at the L’Oréal Academy in Federal street check- ing out the latest Redken COLOR GELS LAQUER colour. 

Like everyone else there, we were totally blown away with the final results, the hair was simply stunning!

We invited Mana to share with our readers some of his tips and knowledge about Redken Color Gels Laquer.

What is it about Redken Color Gels Laquer that differentiates it from other colour ranges currently on the market? 

Redken Color Gels Lacquers are a high saturation low ammonia permanent hair colour range. It has the shine of a gloss and the saturation of a lacquer. Color Gels has the unique characteristic of five dedicated grey coverage families within the range. From natural, to cool, to fashion reds and coppers, these premixed grey coverage shades ensure that you retain all of the vibrancy and tonality of your chosen shade coupled with the perfect modern coverage.

Tell us your favourite colour combination and how do you go about achieving it?

Color Gels Lacquers marries perfectly with our Shades EQ Gloss range allowing us to get the grey coverage and vibrancy where it’s required in addition to some serious shine. One of my fave shades at the moment Marigold, a 7 level blonde from the RO family with a Red Orange reflect. It’s an amazing copper blonde and when diluted with clear is a stunning strawberry blonde.

Is Redken Color Gels  an easy colour to apply and how long does it take?

The consistency of the product itself is very unique within our industry. Most brands opt for a cream product. The gel consistency makes it very salon friendly for application and can be used with both tint bowl and brush or a bottle applicator for speed. 

How long generally does the colour last?

The colour result itself remains true to tone because of the select dyes and unique colour technologies specific to the red and copper families. The grow out will really be determined by the  colour selected and the individual client’s hair growth. 

Redken Color Gels Laquer comes in bottles instead of tubes, what is the advantage of that?

In terms of storage within the salon, it’s definitely far more convenient. The bottle makes it easier for both mixing the colour and actually storing the bottle of colour at our colour bay because it’s so compact.

Out of each bottle approximately how many clients could you colour?

Each bottle is 60mls and with a mixing ratio of one to one with the appropriate developer, that’s a total amount of 120mls of colour. So it’s a decent amount to allow for 3 clients’ retouch application services.

What would be from your point of view, the best thing about Redken Color Gels?

As a colourist, achieving this level of shine from a permanent colour range is phenomenal. Early in my career one of the first things that drew me to Redken colour was our demi permanent range Shades EQ Gloss. To now have the level of shine and condition that we’ve loved from Shades EQ infused into Color Gels, I feel that we have the perfect hair colour product.

Can you share with us any exciting future plans that you may have for this year?

Currently we are touring the country with our  Color Gels Laquers launch. NZFW is coming up at the end of the month and we’ll be involved as hair director for a number of shows. September we’ll be in Byron Bay and then October will be holding our Young Tribe auditions for Redken Artistic team. Then we start working on 2020. So it’s pretty full at the moment!