Mary Alamine Royals Hair

Mary Alamine Royals Hair Sydney AHFA HairTransformation Video:

“Having been hairdressing now for 16 years, I’ve learned that one of the most important things to our clients and consumers is to stay current and fashion forward, bringing globally relevant hair fashion to the salon. 

We are part of the fashion industry and it is our job to have our finger on the pulse, keeping our clients excited with new looks and trends. Our clients love to know what new styles and colours are trending and we equally love sharing it with them and creating something customised for each person.

The bob is one of the most iconic haircuts in the world and is the most sought after haircut across all our salons. We have seen trends come and go but the bob is a trend that isn’t going anywhere. It’s sharp, sophisticated and can be cut in so many different ways to suit any face shape.” 

Mary Alamine, after analysing her client’s face shape and frame  decided to cut her hair just below her jaw, creating some invisible layers for volume, whilst still maintaining thickness through the perimeter.  She then contoured the layers around her face to enhance her cheekbones and jaw line.

“I cut it so she can part it either side or even the middle. I kept in mind that its summer and she may want to still tie her hair in a nice sleek low ponytail, which she is still able to do. There is so much excitement for the client and stylist when you see a transformation happen, especially from really long to short hair or vice versa. 

I wanted to create a video documenting this transformation to create this kind of excitement and also in the hope that it will encourage people to take more risks with their hair and not be afraid to embrace a new, exciting style. 

So many people have so much fear when it comes to cutting their hair but this video can help put their mind at ease and show how a simple cut can give you a huge confidence boost and make you look and feel great. After all, this is ultimately what hairdressing is all about…”  Mary Alamine – Royals Hair Sydney

Mary Alamine is a o-owner and Creative Director of three successful hairdressing salons in Sydney – Royals Castle Hill, Royals Hornsby and Royals Cherrybrook. She is also an educator and Platinum Key for Kevin Murphy and Director of Education for Hollywood Hair Extensions and Royals Hair Academy.