Patrick Cameron House of Luxury Collection

Patrick Cameron, the maestro of long hair is back with amazing braiding technique and stunning luxury hair!

Building on the success of his craft-based collection, Heritage, Patrick Cameron brings his easiest techniques

ever to prepare the hairdresser for the bang-on-trend braiding revolution set to continue for 2020.

“There is still a very big demand for new braiding techniques, reimagined and made easy. There is also a return to beautifully styled glamorous hair. We have seen a welcome comeback on the fashion catwalks of opulent hairstyling and it’s important to have the correct approach to achieving these looks”.

“With House of Luxury I wanted to put together a collection that is both cohesive and modern. I am determined to challenge the perception that elegance is seen as old fashioned, elegance and style are for everyone regardless of their age”.

“What House of Luxury means to me”, says Patrick Cameron, “is a celebration of the type of hairstyling that I absolutely love.” 

“My reputation as a long hair hairstylist is built and globally recognised for creating sumptuous hairstyles, the kind of hair that can only be described as Couture Hair.” 

“I am often asked what is my secret, my answer invariably is: acquire as many skills and experience as possible. Develop techniques that you’re able to breakdown into easy-to-follow steps and have the ability to demonstrate and share this process.” 

“In our industry technique and communication are of paramount importance. I am extremely passionate about education, technique and practice are the most important things in improving one’s skills.”

House of Luxury is comprised of 15 hairstyles ranging from ingenious two-strand braids to majestic bouffants.

The collection is a perfect mix of fresh ideas, step-by-step education and inspiration presented in Patrick Cameron’s inimitable style.

Patrick Cameron Luxury Collection

Patrick Cameron Luxury Collection

Patrick Cameron Luxury Collection

Patrick Cameron Luxury Collection

Patrick Cameron Luxury Collection

Hair – Patrick Cameron
Makeup – Alison Chesterton
Products – Wella EIMI
Couture – Marco Erbi
Photography – Marco Erbi