Shay Hoelscher Cezanne CEO

At the Crew Distributors Cezanne launch at the Novotel in Ellerslie we enjoyed an informative presentation from Cezanne’s CEO Shay Hoelscher and Cezanne Head of Education Kathy Combs, who were visiting NZ from the USA. We managed to have a quick chat with Shay Hoelscher after the Crew Distributors show.

Shay Hoelscher Cezanne CEO
Shay Hoelscher
Crew Distributors Cezanne Launch Kathy Combs
Kathy Combs Cezanne Educator USA

Welcome to New Zealand, is this your first time here, and what are your impressions of our country?

This was not my first time in New Zealand and I remember from my last visit that I fell in love with the people of this country!

Where is Cezanne based and where do you call home?

Cezanne is based in Delray Beach, Florida and my home is in Seattle Washington, Opposite corners of the US.

How long has Cezanne been around and how did the brand get started? 

Cezanne Professional Products was launched in 2014 with a turnaround business person who came from a medical background and didn’t understand or have the intuitive feel for the Professional Beauty Industry. 

His misfortune lead to my opportunity. I have had the gift of my professional career to reboot and relaunch this company as a startup.

What is it about Cezanne that attracted you to it? 

Cezanne was very compelling to me based on the core values. This brand speaks directly to the stylist heart, as it’s a professional treatment. 

Cezanne is all about the core craft of the hair industry as it helps stylists create beautiful hair and change their clients lives. Cezanne envelops the word ‘transformation’ in its truest form and this is what I love about the Professional Beauty Industry going on 32 years.

How many countries do you distribute to now?

We are distributing our brand now in 6 Countries soon to be 9.

Cezanne primarily is a hair smoothing system, are there any plans to expand into other areas? 

The core values and wheel house will always be the professional salon treatment with focus on expanding the after care products to speak to the lifestyle of the brand. 

With the Cezanne treatment, the client can wear their hair, curly, wavy, straight or any way they wish. The after care products are part of the brand promise to protect and prolong the professional salon treatment.

What gives Cezanne the X factor and sets it apart from other smoothing brands on the market?

Cezanne is like no other in that it doesn’t fit into any other smoothing product category due to the fact that there are no chemicals nor chemical derivatives that are hidden in the product. 

Additionally, there are no other products like Cezanne which don’t have chemicals nor have the long-lasting results performance.

Where do you see the global hair market developing?

The global market is excited that there is a product that they can get and is compliant, safe and effective ! I see big opportunities with Cezanne as we get pinged daily from all over the world.

I believe you have a very interesting hobby, are you able to share this with us?

I believe that contrast with work and life balance is the key to a fulfilling and happy life. In my professional life, I work hard and I take great pride in building a great brand and leading a successful company. 

My passion outside of work is very similar. FULL Throttle, My mantra- “life begins at the edge of your comfort zone”. This said, I race Porsches at race tracks in the US. 

I love this sport as it demands serious concentration and dedication which results in a thrilling experience which also translates to what I do in my professional life every day. I love BOTH!

Shay Hoelscher is the CEO of Cezanne which is distributed here in NZ by Crew Distributors