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Refoil: Colourists who care have a choice! Did you know hairdressers and salons throw away one million kilos of foils every year? That’s 1,000 tonnes of virgin aluminium going straight to landfill, at a massive cost to the environment!

Refoil love the planet and want to keep it shiny and happy. refoil product

That’s why all their products are made from recycled aluminium, using a fraction of the energy needed to produce raw aluminium and cutting the need for destructive open-cast mining that damages our lovely landscape. 

All Refoil products are also infinitely recyclable, and here’s how!

Refoil care for the environment is at the heart of everything they do, from design, manufacture, and packaging right through to disposal. This means hairdressers get premium quality foils with no compromise on creativity or commitment to the environment.

The ‘Refoil – Crush – Recycle’ concept is an industry first sustainable foiling program. The number one reason hairdressers send foil and tube waste to landfill is that they don’t know how to recycle successfully. 

Refoil has found a simple way to ensure all its customers know how to recycle within existing recycling schemes – They call it THE CRUSH. Crushing scraps of foil together into balls is a crucial part of the Refoil ‘HOW BIG ARE YOUR BALLS’ recycling campaign.

Education is the cornerstone of sustainable development within the hairdressing industry, so Refoil provide much-needed information to help salons and colourists become more sustainable-minded. 

Sustainable growth can only be achieved by working with the wider community. Collaboration is needed with product manufacturers, hair salons, recyclers and government to make a real difference. 

Therefore Refoil introduces awareness-building and recycling campaigns, aiming at an industry goal of zero waste.

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“Refoil has created an amazing opportunity for salons. Whether owners wish to save the money to buy new equipment for their salon or donate to charity, as we do, it is a fantastic way of generating money on something that would otherwise just be thrown away.” Caterina DiBiase, Heading Out Hair & Beauty creative director.

Refoil is distributed in New Zealand by Professional Hair Brands PHB