Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation : Baldness and hair loss – it really only happens to men, right?  Wrong.

Whether it’s down to genes, stress, hormone changes or other conditions, many more women than you’d think experience thinning or total loss of hair.

Most people shed about 50-100 strands of hair every day, but for some of us, that hair loss can be much more dramatic.

Some experts suspect 1 in 4 will experience significant hair loss before age 50, and 2 in 4 after age 50. 

For many women, thinning hair, bald spots or total hair loss can become a source of embarrassment – or even shame – which can stop them living the life they want.

It means giving up on sports and hobbies, closing themselves off from new relationships and hiding themselves away at work.

For many, just going out in public requires a huge feat of strength, and some just avoid doing it altogether. 

While there are some treatments that can halt hair loss and stimulate growth, these come with troubling side effects for some women – and they’re treatments for life. The moment you stop using them, your hair loss continues. 




For many women, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the simple and permanent answer. SMP uses very fine tattooing to give the appearance of a fuller-looking head of hair.

And, as Melissa Carr can attest to, the treatment can be life changing.  Specialising in cosmetic tattooing, Melissa and John Carr have worked with many women who feel they’ve been living smaller, less fulfilling lives, because of hair loss. 

“One client of ours hadn’t looked in the mirror for 15 years, and she stayed in the same job that whole time.

It had really affected her confidence, and her ability to move forward,” says Melissa.  

Melissa says post treatment, the difference is astonishing – her clients leave with restored confidence, that makes them feel like they’re starting life again. 

“Often I hear our clients say, ‘This is the start for me.’ Because this huge hang-up has been addressed, they feel like they can move forward in all these other ways. They start revelling in life again,” says Melissa. 





Richelle is one of those clients – a preschool teacher and mum of two, she hardly expected to be dealing with hair loss so young.

She experienced her first bout of alopecia when she hit puberty and then again when she became pregnant with her first child.

For Richelle, the loss of her hair meant she lost other things too – freedom and confidence.

“It was devastating to not be able to get out and do stuff and look normal. I just wore beanies and got a wig.

Once my hair started growing back, I just did the best I could with it,” she says. 

Even after carefully arranging her hair, Richelle says she still looked bald – and, people would stare. For Richelle, SMP was an ideal solution.

“I wanted to get SMP for the fuller look, so I don’t look so bald,” she explains.

A recent client of Melissa and John also loves the freedom she got with SMP. She’d always been sporty, and SMP let her get back to enjoying her favourite activities.

“With SMP, she doesn’t need to wear a wig, so she can swim again!” explains Melissa.


Usually done over three procedures, SMP involves very fine tattooing on the scalp, to give the appearance of fuller hair. It can disguise bald spots, and for those with no hair at all, it can give the illusion of a shaved look.

While eight hours having your scalp tattooed sounds like an ordeal, Melissa says clients rarely need pain relief. Richelle agrees. 

“The treatment was long, but it didn’t hurt at all – and you get to watch Netflix the whole time!” she says. 

John does the company’s SMP work, and according to Richelle is a big part of why the experience is so pleasant.  “John was just amazing,” says Richelle. “We joked and talked and ate chocolate!”


And the results? Richelle says it looks so natural, you “can’t even tell.” The illusion of a fuller head of hair has meant she now lives a fuller life. 

“I’m really happy I did it. I can just wake up and get up and go. It’s 100% improved my confidence and self-esteem. You won’t regret it – just do it,” says Richelle. 

If hair loss is holding you back, SMP is the simple, non-surgical solution to help you get back to loving life – call 09 420 9775

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