Serviiles Academy

To keep up with their contemporary culture and sustainable attitude, Servilles Academy experienced a lot of change in 2018. The most notable of these changes was the move to their new premises. Although the Queen Street location had served the academy well for many years, it was time for them to expand, especially with new courses on the horizon.  The new building, residing at 8 Canada Street behind the iconic Karangahape Road was the perfect choice. 

The stand-alone building is not only modern and open, it is also sustainable; the roof has been built on an angle so that rainwater can be collected and reused within the building. The water is also heated with the use of solar power. The interior of the building is cleverly designed, with there being a salon, large learning space, head office and a tutor’s office being spread over four floors. 

The Academy Salon is store front, further replicating the feel of a professional salon for both the clients and students. The main floor of the academy is a bustling hub of students and tutors, and the open-plan space encourages a more community-based environment where students can communicate and inspire one another more freely. 

In November the academy expanded by also obtaining the building right next door. This tied in perfectly with the commencement of their brand-new Level 4 programme (the New Zealand in Makeup Artistry) as additional space was needed for tanning booths, brow beds and tables for nail art.

Another venture the academy embarked on was becoming part of the Sustainable Salons movement. Sustainable Salons is a business whose goal is to ‘make salon waste history’ by encouraging salons to become environmentally conscious and reduce salon waste. 

Examples of their projects include; sending off plastic packaging to specialists who turn it into outdoor furniture, collecting hair clippings for ‘hair booms’ (which are used to soak up ocean oil spills) and donating ponytails to charitable organisations (who create wigs for those suffering from cancer or alopecia). 

For 2019, the academy has its sights set on continuing its work to inspire the next generation of hairdressers, barbers and makeup artists and maintaining their high standard of education. 

Interested in becoming a hairdresser, barber or makeup artist? Head to or call 0800 SERVILLES for more information.