M.A.C Makeup Stolen Girlfriens Club

M.A.C senior artist Kiekie Stanners, who has served as makeup director for Stolen Girlfriends Club for the past 8 years says she has loved working with Marc on their various collaborations over the years. 

“Marc is a born storyteller who refuses to be pigeon-holed by traditional notions of fashion. He uses everything he has at his disposal to tell mesmerising and evocative stories. It’s that emotion that I’m drawn to and why I love getting to create a character with makeup with him.”

Kiekie saw Lady Danger as being the perfect shade to complement his collection and based the NZFW model catwalk looks around it. “It’s dangerously romantic, the perfect fit for a Stolen Girlfriends Muse.” 

Kiekie simply pressed Lady Danger onto the model’s lips to ensure the look is perfectly imperfect, rather than your traditional bombshell red lip. Lady Danger, an orange-based red, remains one of M.A.C’s top-selling shades globally.

Stolen Girlfriends Club

Show: Stolen Girlfriends Club NZFW
Makeup Artist: Kiekie Stanners for M.A.C Cosmetics
Photography: Karen Ishiguro