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TIGI Copyright Colour Your Salon:  Hairdressing lies at the heart of TIGI. TIGI’s heritage goes back through generations of the Mascolo family whose passion and expertise has inspired hairdressers across the globe. Today TIGI founder Anthony Mascolo remains a strong force in the creative direction of the brand.

“When we couldn’t find the products we wanted, we made them ourselves” Anthony Mascolo Founder and International Artistic Director.

TIGI’s mission is to elevate the craft of hairdressing. The hairdressing salon and the relationship clients have with their hairdressers is important in our society. TIGI strive to support salon owners in the growth of their business, developing their craft, the growth of their team and the satisfaction of their clients by investing in their whole business. 

They provide on-going educational support, creative input and business ideas to help salon owners perfect their services and drive their professionalism.

Anthony Mascolo Tigi Copyright colour founder
Anthony Mascolo

“TIGI products have always been developed by hairdressers and today are specifically created for you, to empower you in every aspect of your salon work – not just ‘behind the chair’, but also to enhance your team’s skills, provide personalised client service and ultimately driving your salon to the next level.”  Anthony Mascolo Founder and International Artistic Director.

Tailor-made for you a professional, personal, perfect service approach:

TIGI Copyright allows hairdressers to elevate their craft, through technical expertise and creativity.

Supported by education and in-salon training, salon owners welcome the unique concept, with its compact range of fully customisable and complementary colour, care and styling products.

TIGI Copyright empowers hairdressers to create professional tailored services for every hair need and every client’s personal vision. If you want to break the conventional rules of colouring, you can!

With TIGI Copyright Colour you have the freedom to intermix, instantly celebrating your position as a professional expert and creative artist. Hairdressers entering the profession are supported by TIGI, because they are at the heart of every community.

Helping them to reach their full potential, by unlocking their creativity and giving them professional skills through education and opportunity.

TIGI’s aim is to help every salon grow its business, developing their team and ensuring every client is not only loyal, but their hair is the best advert the salon could have!

TIGI Copyright Colour has excited colourists across the globe, pushing their creativity and progressing their technical expertise by intermixing the ranges and shades in order to create personalised, bespoke colours and a perfect colour palette for every client.

Celebrating the craft of hairdressing, TIGI Copyright allows salons to give every client a truly individual colour,

tailored to their needs, their vision and their lifestyle. As their hairstyle evolves, colourists have the professional confidence to take their client on an evolving colour journey.

In 2018, to complement the versatility and intermixability of Copyright Colour, TIGI launched Copyright Care, a bespoke haircare and styling range catering for every client’s personal needs and lifestyle.

“I just love how TIGI Copyright Colour has given me my passion back.” Angela Brown TIGI Colourist

As a bespoke salon priding itself on unique services, TIGI Copyright goes hand in hand in offering our clients a

truly personal service. In fact, in around 8 weeks our retail turnover has doubled!” Will Brown Will Brown Hair, Henlow.

“Switching over to TIGI Copyright Colour has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. My ability to mix, blend and create are endless. I love this colour line!” Peter Loef TIGI Colourist

t h e  b e s t  s h a d e s  a r e  t h e  o n e s  y o u  i n v e n t ” Christel Lundqvist TIGI  Global  Creative  Director.


TIGI Copyright Colour empowers the colourist to push their creativity, develop technical expertise and provide clients with the ultimate customised colour service, with personalised results to match their skin tone, complexion and eye level.

Compact Range less stock, reduce your colour inventory and invest in your education.

Intermixable Portfolio for bespoke colour results.*

A Range For Every Need including an ammonia-free and high-coverage range.

Universal Numbering System comparable to other large brands, making it easier to switch.

Predictable And Reliable Results

True To Tone

One Range Of Activators catering the entire portfolio.

Commercial, Fundamental And Creative Results.

Premium Rejuvenating Permanent Hair Colour Range To address needs of clients with nonpigmented hair.

Lightener Range to address a wide range of services from commercial highlighting through to colour correction and freehand.

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Tigi Copyright Colour is distributed in New Zealand by Dateline Imports