Step by Step twists and knots Up Do by Juanmy Medialdea

Twists and Knots hair Up Do: Step by Step: by  Juanmy Medialdea

Juan Miguel has become the go-to stylist for brides in the province of Granada in Spain. His great passion is creative hairdressing and bridal styles.  

These are the two major focus points in which he has specialised and consolidated his reputation and professional standing.  His bridal creations have been featured in such highly regarded publications as Rosa Clara.  

This passion for the nuptial world and equally for training hairdressing professionals, has led him to create his own method: The Medialdea Method.

Juan Miguel is the first hairdresser in history to win five Picasso Awards with two collections in a single night (2019).  This incredible achievement marks a milestone in a meteoric career.


 Twists and Knots Juanmy Medialdea (1)  

Prepare the hair by using a curling iron with a diameter of 38mm to create subtle waves throughout the hair. 

Brush the hair, apply a little shine and you are ready to start working.

Separate the hair at the front, take a section from the crown, tie it in a ponytail with a hair tie and de-structure it a bit.


Using hair sticks, create definition in the upper section of the hair.

When the lacquer is dry, remove the hair sticks.


Take a section from each side and join them in the centre with a hair tie.

Repeat the previous step, but this time twist each strand a little.

With the remaining hair make a very loose braid.

Twist the braid over itself and secure it at the base with a hair fork. 

Use a headdress/accessory if wanted.

  • Hair: Juanmy Medialdea
  • Photography: Santo Palomo
  • Makeup: Sergio Peña
  • Stylist: Juanmy Medialdea 
  • Modelling Agency: Nofuentes models

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