System Professional Creative Director

We chat with Uros Mikic about his new role as System Professional Creative Director

In 2018 you were appointed System Professional Creative Director, tell us about the role and what attracted you to it?  

I was already excited about working with Wella and their talented team, so when I was approached to direct such a beautiful brand like System Professional, it was amazing. As a Creative Director am able to truly contribute creatively to the System Professional brand, which is both exciting and rewarding. 

I get involved in product design, am able to feedback on products that are in development to ensure they are just right for our clients and I also get to create looks that will represent the products and brand to the industry and the consumers.

In addition to this I introduce the products to audiences around the world through my creative work, stage shows, consumer facing influencer activity and events; which not only gets people excited about the brand, but also exposes my own salon and name to a wider audience. 

And why System Professional as a brand?

I love that they are high-end, premium products and totally bespoke. This combined with the knowledge that the products do what they claim, it very easy to get excited about! I’m all about looking after our clients and providing them with the best products to pair with the services and skills of my team. It is important that I partner with a brand that has the same ethos and values. 

What are your favourite products from the System Professional range? 

System Professional Alpha Energy – This is perfect for promoting healthy hair growth deep from the skin. It has a rich formula that moisturises and stimulates the scalp. We call this ‘liquid gold’ in our salon! 

System Professional CC Instant Energy Dry Conditioner – Clients love this and you can see why it’s an award winning product. It provides a fresh, just-washed feeling to the hair and is perfect for getting a ‘lived-in’ rather than ‘worn out’ look at the end of the night. I doesn’t clog, even with fine hair. 

System Professional Hydrate Shampoo – System Professional is about bespoke, personalised products but I’d have to say this shampoo is probably the best all-round product and relevant to most EnergyCode™ prescriptions. It’s ideal for hydrating the hair

System Professional Man will be launching in New Zealand this August, can you tell us more about this? 

There are not many bespoke men’s products out there that deliver on masculinity, results and care all in one hit, and yet System Man has managed to do exactly this.

The range is a wonderful extension of the System Professional brand and it is great to see the effort and development that went into delivering ‘not just another men’s’ product, but a product for guys that bring with it technology strengths of a haircare, without compromising on luxury. It’s simple to use and like the rest of the System Professional range it is tailored to each client’s individual needs. Not to mention, it smells incredible. 

You’ve had an impressive career, including winning Men’s Hairdresser of the Year in 2018, what would you say has been the highlight?

Winning both the AHFA and Hair Expo Men’s Hairdresser of the year in 2018 was definitely a highlight. Being able to win for three consecutive was a wonderful achievement, and a great testament to my hard work in this space.

There is a special space in my heart for men’s hairdressing. it might be because I started my career cutting my male friends’ hair all those years ago, or the fact that wherever I travelled across the globe, my first clients were my mates from the Rugby Union clubs I played at!  In saying this, I am grateful that I am able to mix and play with both men’s and ladies’ creative work and getting worldwide recognition in both sectors is a true honour. 

How do you find time to balance being a salon owner with your other international commitments? 

In short, a lot of planning! I am blessed to have an exciting career and future as a hairstylist, and that stylists from around the world are keen to see my work. At the same time, I am very committed to my team in the salon, our clients and ensuring they are getting the best of me too.  

I spend a lot of time training with my team, working on shows and events where they can learn and grow as stylists. I’m excited to offer them the same opportunities I’ve had to grow an exciting career in the hairdressing industry and with the Wella group. 

We have a great structure in place in salon which allows me to work interstate and overseas. I have a great supportive team; from my business partner (my wife, Mojca), our support team in the salon and my skilled stylist team who look after our business and clients whilst I am away.  

Finally, any words of advice to stylists/salons that are starting out in their career?

Hard work, a great work ethic and brand values will get you everywhere.  We all know that talent is only a part of any success, the ‘cherry on top’. The main factor is practice and hard graft. A love for the craft and a good attitude alongside it will put you ahead of the pack. 

My favourite quote ‘Always be the hardest working person in the room’ has proven to be a winner.