Vie hairdressing

We recently caught up with Kellie-Ann Lester & Nicole Christophers, owners of Vie Hairdressing in New Plymouth and one of  Wella Professionals  top tier salons. We were particularly interested in how they handled their Nioxin consultations and their staff training regimes.

What makes Vie Hairdressing unique?

Our vision for Vie was to create a salon that had a luxurious environment for our clients. We wanted to create a brand that clients came to recognise as our own personal style. We aim to give a tailor made personalised service for each individual person.

You both are the owners of the salon, tell us about your partnership and how does this partnership work?

Our purpose of going into partnership was to bring different skills and business knowledge together. We both enjoy working alongside each other and play to our strengths. 

Kellie-Ann is involved with our creative vibe and running of the floor. Nicole is working on the floor and behind the scenes with staff and marketing. Our vision for Vie was always set from the beginning: to have two people with the same passion for the industry, this leading us to our success.

Your salon team comes across as a closely bonded family, how did you build such strong salon culture?

Communication, honesty and listening to each other has created the loyal staff we have today. Vie has systems in place that allows each team member to support one another in their roles. We have respect for their individual personalities and their efforts they contribute to Vie.

How important is in-salon consultation when it comes to building relationships with clients?

At Vie a great consultation is the most important key to client satisfaction and success in the salon. We appoint a Nioxin Ambassador to oversea training, client knowledge and promotions for the team to use. 

Can you talk us through the Nioxin consultation?

To begin our consultation with our clients we take them to a designated area in the salon where it is private and comfortable for them, using the Nioxin  Nioscope to look at their scalp condition. 

We then formulate a custom-fit Nioxin hair regimen that is best suited for their hair and styling needs, this can include a Dermabrasion Salon Treatment from our menu. 

We always recommend a complimentary follow up service to assess the progress and to ensure the client is happy and understands on how to use the products correctly. We have a solid Nioxin clientele resulting in rewarding success. As a salon we truly believe it is beneficial for thinning and fine hair.

How important are strong business processes, training and coaching when it comes to team development?

As a salon we like to keep evolving and learning with new business ideas and hairdressing skills. We feel it is important to be inspired and motivated not only for our clients, but also for our team. 

We take every opportunity available from Wella to participate in in-salon training and courses. We provide team building exercises throughout the year, and incentives to give our staff the confidence to move forward with consultations and client care.

What are your favourite 5 ‘must have’ products in the Wella portfolio?

NIOXIN Bodifying Foam, System Professional LuxeOil range, Wella Professionals Elements range, EIMI Perfect Me, EIMI Just Brilliant.

How has your Wella relationship supported your success?

Wella has been with us from the beginning. They have helped us achieve our salon growth with great support. To be able to use their marketing tools and business strategies has been very helpful for Vie. We have enjoyed working alongside a company that shares the same goals as we do and appreciate our vision.

Wella’s Red Forum is our favourite event of the year. They take us to the most amazing locations where they treat us like superstars. Our most memorable one to date was Shanghai China, the networking was fantastic. 

Elizabeth Tedesco from Nioxin was the motivational speaker and she touched the hearts of so many people. We came away from this experience seeing our business in such a different way.

Wella TrendVision inspires us to push the boundaries to let our creative side flow, we do this as a team and love it. The photoshoot day is our favourite it is full of passion, creativity and fashion with all of the team getting such a good feeling. This has allowed us to be in the top 10 two years running.