Waterlily Beauty Sense

Beauty Sense one of New Zealand’s top distributors of Spa and Skincare products have now partnered with Waterlily, renown for their luxury range of spa and salon solutions.

Waterlily’s focus is on advanced performance and ethical sustainability, creating botanically active treatment rituals and skin care lines designed to deliver the ultimate sensory spa journey!

Michelle Reeve Waterlily CEO was delighted to announce this new venture with Beauty Sense, a well-respected, long established Christchurch company whom she believes will represent her brand with honour and integrity!

Meticulous formulations, artisan blending techniques and the finest of nutrient rich ingredients have resulted in luxurious face and body rituals promising visible rejuvenation entwined in heavenly relaxation. 

Waterlily only uses the highest quality botanicals and phytonutrients, fortified with anti-ageing vitamins and the purest aromaceutical essential oils to rejuvenate, revitalise, heal and replenish the skin.

Founded in 2004 by aromatherapist Michelle Reeve, the brand is based on authentic aromatherapy techniques. “Selfishly, my journey started with a desire to create a skincare solution that met my own stringent demands.

I am an advocate of natural medicine and believe that great health is a personal and proactive decision.” Says Michelle.

“I have always championed daily rituals to honour health and vitality.

When my skin started misbehaving in my late twenties it was an opportunity for me to explore a solution using a blend of aromatherapy, pelotherapy and naturopathic approaches.

Twenty years later my skin is the healthiest it has ever been!” 

While I was researching alternative skincare ranges, I noticed a distinct gap in the wellness sector and found my stove top formulations to be a great fit for spas and salons demanding a pure botanical solution.

A desire to create my own company culture coupled with a background in marketing … and well, the rest is history!”

The evolution of the brand has seen the launch of the new SPACEUTICALS prescriptive skincare range in 2016.

This line of innovative cosmeceuticals, is a premium skincare correctives collection that marries the best of botanical luxury with remedial and regenerative skin nutraceuticals and cosmeceutical actives.

At the heart of SPACEUTICALS is the selection of clinically tested ingredients, dispensed in effective concentrations and captured in a blend of powerful phyto actives, carefully formulated to visibly regenerate, correct and transform the skin’s appearance. 

Fine lines are smoothed, skin is firmed and hydrated, collagen synthesis is stimulated, skin immunity is strengthened and overall blemishes, spots and scarring are reduced, creating a refined skin texture, toned and revitalised with a glowing luminosity. 

Being 100% Australian crafted and utilising rich concentrates of active, botanical or organic matter to certify efficacy within each formulation, the promise of purity ensures all Waterlily products from both collections are free from mineral oils, sulphates, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, synthetic colours, fillers and fragrances, and adulterated essential oil compounds.