Pauline Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Right from its inception, Youngblood has been known as the brand anyone can wear anywhere and for any occasion. From climbing through the clouds of Yosemite or living like a star in Hollywood, Youngblood’s signature Loose Mineral Power Foundation has always been the go-to product for everyone!

“Even the most sensitive of skin can wear this and get the coverage you want while still being fresh-looking and breathable.” says Pauline Youngblood-Toth, President Youngblood Cosmetics. 

As a medical aesthetician, Pauline originally started the line of cosmetics with her signature mineral powder to help her clientele feel and look beautiful while still living their California lifestyle.

As word spread about this free-living breathable, healthy looking makeup, Youngblood mineral cosmetics was born and demand for Pauline’s ‘magic’ powder soon made her California dream become a reality.

Now Youngblood mineral cosmetics is used by people all over the world and the range has grown into a full array of colours and products that can give you the look of effortless beauty with Californian style that is all your own.

You don’t have to be from California to embrace what it is about! Whether enjoying the serenity of yoga, selecting fresh locally grown foods from a farmer’s market or enjoying a lazy day by the sea, there is certainly something very special about experiencing everyday life while looking and feeling great!

These days you can dress in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and still achieve a look that’s together from head to toe, yet still casual and free.

We are all very body conscious these days, sourcing natural foods supplements etc and take great care to use products that are ingredient conscience, eco-friendly and cruelty free.

Youngblood ensures that their formulas are made for the most sensitive of skin and free from things that are known to irritate or clog pores and prevent the skin’s natural beauty from shining through. 

With natural actives and botanicals and even the refreshingly free scent of California citrus, Youngblood focuses on making products that embody the free spirit. Celebrity A-listers to everyday moms love the healthy looking and effortless feeling of the brand.

The true essence of Youngblood’s philosophy is to continue to make products that help anyone step out confidently and free to look and feel their own beautiful selves.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is distributed in New Zealand by Beauty Sense ltd