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So you’re opening a salon or wanting to upgrade your space.  You don’t want to consult with Interior Designers or Architects as it’s not in budget.  So you embark on a journey to design the space yourself.  We talk to Shannon Dowd from Zibido Hair Stylists who recently renovated her salon space, and how she created her ‘Urban Glam’ vision for her hair salon.  

We all know that keeping things simple in the salon works. Everything has a place and it works together to create the feeling of an open salon.  It needs to be fluid and nothing should compete for attention, and no sense of clutter.  Sounds easy, right?  Ok Shannon, tell us how you did it!

 “We began finding inspiration, looking at several different salon designs, and interior design styles to create our vision. Pinterest, Instagram and even google were places we looked to start creating a mood board.  We decided on “urban glam” where contemporary meets boutique to match the personality of our brand.  It needed to be light and functional while not ‘out-dating’ quickly. We wanted every element to come together to create a cohesive and well styled look.”

Shannon looked no further than Comfortel Furniture for their salon furniture.  “For us choosing Comfortel Furniture was a no brainer. Not only do they have the best quality salon furniture and equipment, they have the most modern collections and are extremely affordable.”

To achieve the playful yet sophisticated look, they went with the Florence Salon Mirror, a matte black metal mirror with an angular shape. The Claire Wash Lounge was the focus point of the back-wash area to make clients feel comfortable. Matte polished concrete floors with matte black shelves & rose gold accents were introduced in styling items. 

All these features worked together to create a cohesive, well- balanced chic environment. Complementary classic tones coordinated with metallic textures of rose gold gave the space a feeling of luxury and glamour while being comfortable and friendly. Shannon wanted their client experience to be relaxing and fun.

“Furniture is important, and what the customers sit in for their time in the salon.  When exploring options, I love that Comfortel offered a range of furniture from classic designs to something a little bit quirky. Their range has everything to suit your salon’s personality. 

Since renovating the salon, Shannon has been quietly surprised that they now function better as a team. The team and clients are wowed by how open the salon space is, as they can now move freely around. The best part being that the unique design allows them to move their stations and have a big open space for training.

We wish Shannon and the team at Zibido Hair Stylists the best of luck. Zibido is a finalist for ‘Best Salon Design’ in the NZ Industry Awards.

Zibido Hair Stylists  www.zibidohair.co.nz

Glenview Shopping Centre 220 Ohaupo Rd, Glenview, Hamilton 3206, New Zealand

Salon Owner   Shannon Dowd

Salon Furniture    Comfortel Furniture

Photography Tony Mckay