Aneia Warner Salon Huapai hair

Aneia Warner Salon: After working abroad in London and Australia for the past 10 years, Aneia Warner who had previously worked at Stephen Marr, returned home to open her very own salon in Huapai, Auckland. The Salon was just about to open when the country went into Lockdown due to Covid 19. After this initial setback the salon finally opened at Level 2 on May 14th which incidentally just happened to be Aneia’s birthday!

One of the fastest growing areas in Auckland, Huapai is currently undergoing  a mini housing boom, so local response to the salon was immediate! Aneia and her staff have been flat out from day one. Even her older clients 

have happily made the trip out west to see her!

Having lived in London Aneia’s choice of decor was Industrial with natural wood, concrete and a white brick wall adding to the rustic look of the salon. All of the furniture was custom made, including the stunning mirrors which are all handmade! “I wanted to create a space where clients and staff feel loved!”  Says Aneia.

“ The salon has given me the opportunity offer the service, that I have always wanted to do.”

“Each service starts with a pressure point head massage and every client is given their own tablet, which they can easily use to access the Internet or whatever they need. Refreshments include beautiful espresso coffee, a glass of wine and stuffed olives. Men haircuts include a mini-grooming session which includes a facial at the basin and a hot towel to finish”

Salon products include Kevin Murphy and Evo which she chose because of recycled packaging, being cruelty free and their commitment to pure and active products. The salon will also become part of the sustainable salons program. Her favourite cause which the salon supports is the Cancer Society.

I couldn’t leave without asking one thing; Where did your name Aneia come from? She replied it’s Arabic and translated means ‘The caring one’. Which explains the saying over the door – Aneia Warner Salon –  The Caring Ones!

Aneia Warner Hair Salon Huapai: 1a Tapu Road Huapai