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Lisa Conway salon targets

Lisa Conway: Measuring salon targets

Lisa Conway: Measuring salon targets to make the magic happen. Management Consultant Peter Drucker once said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” I’d argue that many important aspects of your salon business – such as culture, morale and energy – are manageable, yet can’t readily be nailed down […]

KAO acquires Oribe Hair Care

Kao USA aquires Oribe!

Kao USA Inc. has announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Oribe Hair Care from Luxury Brand Partners. Daniel Kaner, co-founder and currently co-president of Oribe, will be named president of the newly acquired entity.  Oribe has grown from a prestige hair care brand into a global beauty […]

Lesley Scher Salon Business insurance

Salon Business Insurance – What you need to Know!

Lesley Scher: In this past year there has been a large rise in Salon Business Insurance claims in the hair & Beauty industry. These have been caused by burglaries, thefts, natural disasters, alleged negligence in treatments and advice, employees alleged unfair dismissals, sickness and accidents.  When taking out your insurance, […]

Make the most of your meetings

Making the most of your business meetings!

Kyra Sproule: Meetings can be fun, inspirational, informative, educational, or all of the above. One thing all business meetings have in common is that they are most effective when well planned and appropriately managed. Meetings are the best way to communicate with your team. They get everyone together, engage them […]

Successful Planning Secrets

Successful Planning Secrets for Salons

Malcolm Gibbons: Many salon owners don’t plan and those that do seem to most often not follow their plan or typically forget they even have a plan altogether. And that’s not good for their team, their clients, their business and ultimately themselves.  So, here’s the question – Are you the […]