Curly hair 1


This men’s curly hair look almost replicates that of a mullet and features super short sides with longer length, textured curly hair on the top. Although fades and short back and side haircuts are a huge trend for male clients with straight hair types, they also look incredible on those with wavy, curly and coily hair textures, allowing male clients to embrace their natural hair texture and show their waves/curls/coils off in all their glory.

To achieve the look:

  • Start by using clippers, taking the hair super short at the sides and back. I would then with scissor over comb to get the hair on the sides even shorter, as well as to help achieve a cleaner finish.
  • Ensure everything connects and then cut your hair on top with your scissors and comb, ensuring it is even. 
  • Note – wet curls look longer in length than they will appear when they are dry, so always be cautious when cutting curly hair and cut the hair gradually to avoid going too short and taking too much length off.
  • Product is key when it comes to this look – you want your curls to stand out and look their very best without frizz and flyaways. Start by applying a prep product that will provide your look with flexibility, whilst also giving it shine and a thicker fuller appearance. A great product for this is the American Crew Forming Cream.
  • Next, dry the hair with a hairdryer and diffuser, working in sections to dry your curls and position them where you want them. Ensure to pull the curls above away from the head for more volume and finish drying each section of hair by pressing the cool setting on the hairdryer to avoid frizz.
  • This look also features the curls hanging close to the eyes and over the forehead. To achieve this, ensure your curls fall in this area before diffusing and lightly point the diffuser up to the hair.
  • Finish with a product like American Crew Defining Paste to give your curls further definition and added texture as well as added hold and shine.