Salon Interiors Trends To Watch

Salon Interiors Trends for 2022: With everybody looking to create an edge and refresh their salon interiors, here’s a snapshot at what everyone is loving in Salon Interior Styles. 

Modern, Minimal & Lots Of Curves

Curves & Arches are here to stay and will be popular than ever in 2022. 
The salon look is a pared back space, soft and sensual. It fuses all types of finishes with curvaceous shapes in doorways, decorative pieces and furniture. Choose contemporary curved salon furniture with texture and tone. Add a touch of metallic luxe for contrast.

Hello Blonde-Interiors-960

Hello Blonde Hair Co

Design: Build:
Photographer @kristian_van_der_bee
Design Style: Textures And All Things Neutral

This salon style champions textures as the design focus while incorporates paler tones like white, ivory, sage and sandy nudes.
Think neutral tonal colour pallet with a mix of different textures that becomes the statement.   

The All Space 960


The All Space
Design:  @designbydanni  Build: @briscoehomes
Design Style: The Mediterranean Escape

We couldn’t go on that European get-away we all so desperately wanted, so salons are incorporating this look into their salon design and really embracing the sense of escape.  Colour & Patterns are taking centre stage with a focus on materials and shapes with European influences. 

Allure the Salon 960


Allure The Salon
Design @wearetriibe


Comfortel Furniture Montage

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