Fat Freezing the revolutionary technology in body shaping

Fat Freezing the revolutionary technology in body shaping! “It’s called Fat Freezing, and it is the best, safest, most non-invasive way to remove unwanted fat cells from the body,” said Kaiz Wellness and Medispa owner Kai Cuff. Kaiz Wellness and Medispa has the latest in cool-sculpting technology, allowing clients to finally get rid of ‘trouble fat areas’ without the need for surgical intervention

Due to the freezing temperature of fat, the treatment can kill fat cells without harming surrounding skin and body tissue. As a result, the body will naturally metabolize and eliminate dead fat cells through urination or sweat for up to six months after treatment.

“Your body naturally removes the dead fat cells,” Cuff said. “It’s a safe, painless process, but at the end, the client will see the results as the fat seems to melt away effortlessly.” She said that the result is similar to what someone would see after a liposuction procedure.

“Both cryolipolysis and liposuction treat subcutaneous fat, not visceral fat,” Cuff said. “But only one requires cutting and slicing skin. The Fat Freezing method eliminates many risks that can accompany any surgery.”

Subcutaneous fat is found directly under the skin, while visceral fat is stored deep inside your belly, wrapped around organs. But the number of fat cells are set at a young age and never increase. That means when the fat cells are frozen at temperatures around -10C, they die and cannot return. The results then become permanent.

Once treated, fat cells go through a process called apoptosis, Where the body naturally gets rid of cells that have been damaged beyond repair. And since fat dies at a higher temperature compared to other cells in the body, no other tissue is affected. Once fat cells die during the fat freezing treatment, they collapse and will be naturally removed by your body’s metabolism for up to 6 months, meaning continued fat loss over time, peaking in around three months.

“It’s this time frame that makes the procedure so popular over the winter,” Cuff said. “For that perfect beach body, now is the time to try Fat Freezing.”

Kaiz Wellness and Medispa opened last year and has already become known for its innovative and buzz-worthy beauty treatments. “Our goal is to achieve a balance,” said Cuff. Since its inception, she wanted Kaiz to present cutting-edge approaches to beauty care, and Fat Freezing is the future.

“Right now, we are seeing area residents begin to take advantage of the technology for two main reasons,” Cuff said. “One, it works. And two, this miracle technology is safer and easier than the most direct alternative, surgery.”

 “With CoolShaping 2, fat loss has never been more effortless.” It is currently the only device on the market to simultaneously target four fat reduction areas with 360-degree stereoscopic cooling and an optional fifth handpiece. “Cryo-cooling is used to permanently reduce fat cells, breaking down targeted fat, while drastically reducing treatment time,” Cuff said.

“It’s safe and effective on many areas of the body,” Cuff said. “We can treat small areas like the chin or areas as large as the stomach and thighs. It can also treat up to four areas in a single session. The treatment menu options are almost endless.”

For more information about Kaiz, visit their website: kaiz.nz.