Kerastase Genesis

Kérastase Genesis: A hair-fall solution for a new generation. Genesis is the first range to treat both kinds of hair-fall – at the root and from fiber breakage, for all women, in all lifestyles. Currently, the number one hair concern among young millennials is not one of the usual suspects like dryness or damage. 

Its hair-fall, triggered by factors including stress, hormonal changes, styling tools, diet and pollution. 88% of women claim to experience hair-fall, and 44% of those women are under the age of 35 years old.

When young women search for solutions, they see medical products, when what they crave is a beauty remedy – something with pleasing textures, fragrances and the sophistication that they’ve come to expect from their luxury hair products with the addition of science-backed, hair fall efficiency. 

There has been no hair-fall treatment that combines the two. That is, until now. Kérastase has listened to their concerns and has responded with a modern answer to a modern problem. Kérastase is addressing the issue head on.

Genesis offers a revolutionary solution to hair-fall without compromising the sensuality of an indulgent hair ritual. The new line from Kérastase combines powerhouse ingredients in a luxurious formulation that reduces hair-fall instantly and over time with continued use. 

The unique dual approach reduces hair-fall by strengthening the fiber and stimulating the roots. Directed use creates more fiber strength with more fiber retentions, whilst cutting hair-fall by 84%.

The range of salon and at-home rituals, including Bains, Fondants, Masques, Serums and Ampoules, channel the benefits found in a number of powerful and potent ingredients including edelweiss native cells, ginger root and Aminexil. 

The Edelweiss native cells hydrate and shield the hair from even the most extreme conditions, preventing damage and breakage. Ginger root stimulates microcirculation to generate healthy resilient hair whilst preserving a healthy scalp. 

Aminexil became the first cosmetically acceptable anti-hair loss molecule, and plays a key role in the Genesis range, preserving healthy nutrition deep within the scalp, ensuring an active, strong bulb and reducing hair-fall at the root.

It wouldn’t be Kérastase without a spirit-lifting fragrance that captures the zeitgeist, and renowned perfumer Calice Becker, the creator behind the Genesis fragrance, has done just that. Featuring citrusy, sun-ripened bergamot, along with aromatic herbs and a touch of floral, it is an olfactory indulgence, full of youth and positivity.

Genesis brings a salon-inspired beauty element to hair-fall solutions for the modern women who demand a sensual hair care routine. The line is exactly what you’d expect from a Kérastase haircare experience – luxurious textures, uplifting aromas, this time, with the added benefit of life-proof anti-hair-fall ingredients. Genesis celebrates the vigor of modern life.

What would you do if you were not afraid of falling?

About Kérastase

In a world in which hair routine was purely about hygiene, Kérastase invented care for hair in 1964. Since then, we have been offering women and men the best of professional haircare.

We combined our deep knowledge of hairdressers and their clients to imagine a world of hair care products that would exceed expectations. And we enlisted expert scientists to make it a reality. In the salon and at home, we take haircare to the next level, always. 

Along with our community of hairdressers, we are devoted to caring for your hair, so you can reach beyond your own limits, connect with your natural beauty, shine in the spotlight and dare to be anything you choose.

We don’t just wash hair, we bathe it. We don’t just treat hair, we transform it. We don’t just smooth frizz, we unleash possibilities. Because it’s more than hair, it’s you.

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